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Who We Are


New Life in Jesus Church Makindye is a branch of New Life in Jesus Christian Ministries and it was established in 2002 that congregated in a school class room.

This was spear headed by Pastor Eddie Kyambalo and three of his other Colleagues who had a common Spiritual calling of restoring the Church of Christ in the whole World.

Who We Are

At New Life in Jesus Church Makindye we are convinced that Jesus is the head of the church. (Ephesian 5: 23) and the Chief Shepherd (1peter 5:4) and the Church rightly belongs to Him and Has authority over it (Matthew 16:18).

When we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, He called us to a new life and we became His followers and Disciples, so this means listening to Him, Watching Him, Obeying Him, and following in His Foot steps and hating what Jesus hates and embracing what He embraces.

To restore the Church of Christ in the whole world (Acts 3:19- 21).

Calling God's children into His Kingdom through prayer conferences and evangelism then equipping them through training (Ephesians 4:12).

To bring back the children of God's Kingdom into His presence through repentance and love.

  • Repentance
  • Love
  • Prayer Altar/ Conferences
  • Commitment to Serve
  • Accountability
  • The word of God
See am doing a new thing and created one ( Isaiah 48:6-8)


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